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Hey Amanda,

I am writing this to you in thanks of bringing such wonderful produce and re instating health back into my home.... My dad who just turned 59 is in ore of the freshness, I haven't seen him eat as much fruit or Vegies in YEARS!!! Both my mum & I are amazed at the dietary change in him :) 
My daughter is eating a larger variety & often asks for fruit or veg instead of an lolly YAY!!

Your access to the Organics2you site is easy and presented well, your customer service is prompt and sincere.... Your added little sample treats are very innovative & generous we have trailed & purchased things that I wouldn't normally purchase

I have enjoyed my box every week & look forward to every new box!!

Thank you once again for your passion and love of goodness xxx

Keep up the FaNtAsTiC work :)

Yours sincerely 

Jess xx

Hi Amanda

This is just a quick note to say a big thank you. 

XXXXXXX XXXXX recommended we order our weekly vegies from you. We received our first box yesterday and we are so happy with the quality and quantity :) We also loved the variety in the box. 

The only thing I will note in our future orders is that we don't eat celery - no matter how hard we try we just can't eat it :( but I know now to just make a note of it when I order. 

All the best and we are so glad we found your service. 

Warm regards


I am happy to offer my endorsement to Organics 2U and Amanda Delalat even though I am only a new customer.

After many years of looking for a reliable source of quality organic food on the Central Coast I am very pleased with the structure that has been set up at Organics 2U.

The ordering platform provides clarity on quantity types and correct ordering procedure. The quality has been excellent and detail like the boxes they are delivered in is well considered. The additional information provided on nutrition with recipes is also commendable. The use of social media has also been effectively used to provide information to me as a customer. As a time poor parent, this business is warmly welcomed by my family.

I am surprised that this is such a new business given how well organised it is. That must be a credit to Amanda and her colleagues work and the NEIS mentoring program in allowing an individual such a life opportunity which she has taken. I wish continued success for Amanda and such programs as the NEIS.

Kind Regards,


Hi Amanda,
I just wanted to contact you to let you know how thrilled I am with organics2you!!  I have been a customer from day 1 because I have been waiting for a business like you to appear on the central coast for a long time. 
The produce you source and offer to the us is always of exceptional quality.  The range of products being more than just fruit and veg is also impressive.  The inclusion of little 'sample treats' is always a hit in our house with the kids racing to the box to see what surprise we have for the week.  I also love this because they ask questions about what it is and where it comes from giving me a chance to talk to them about having a healthy diet.
As well as having great products, I have found organics2you to have FANTASTIC customer service!  Amanda, you and the team have a wealth of knowledge which I have found you are always willing to share. 
The communication you have with you customers is also exceptional.  I love the reminder texts about putting my order in each week, along with the Facebook info and updates.  
In a nutshell I would like to thank you for bringing the business to the coast and sharing your passion for healthy organic produce!!  The quality of food in our household is 100% better. I will never look back  :-)
Thanks again!
xxxx Christiane xxxx