Our Suppliers

At Organics2you you will find only the highest quality organic produce and products sourced both locally and further afield, ensuring that they are certified either organic or biodynamic and follow similar ethics and integrity as we practice within our company, otherwise we just don’t stock them.

We have a bountiful array of wonderful suppliers for grocery and pantry lines however we would like to salute our farmers that tirelessly work to produce seasonal produce all year round.

Following are some of the produce suppliers that we would like to acknowledge ...


Back to Eden is an independent Certified Organic wholesaler supplying
Independent retailers and small businesses throughout Australia with a
broad range of produce and grocery lines which are sourced from an extensive
Network of certified Australian growers and suppliers.

At Eco Farms we have a complete range with over 1100 certified organic, natural and gluten free fruit, vegetables and grocery lines that are healthy, nutritious and tasty sourced from hundreds of quality growers and processors throughout Australia and several accredited international processors and are distributed to independent organic and health food specialist retailers, major supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, caterers, hotels and manufacturers throughout Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Organics Direct Produce provides certified organic, fresh fruits and vegetables to national, independent and small chain retailers, wholesalers, and restaurants directly from our location in Sydney. We offer a comprehensive range of organic products sourced from farms located where the land is most fertile and conducive to producing natural and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

La Tartine had its origins in France where in 1987 Nick went into partnership with his wife Lottie’s cousin Guy and two friends, who were baking certified organic wood-fired sourdoughs in Guy’s old farmhouse, for distribution to local village shops and markets.

In 1997 Nick and Lottie returned to Australia with two small non-English speaking children in tow, to set up La Tartine in Somersby on the Central Coast of New South Wales. At the time there were no specialist sourdough bakeries and Demeter in Glebe was the only certified organic bakery.

In 1998 La Tartine participated in Sydney’s first produce market at Pyrmont along with twenty other stall-holders to showcase what was happening behind the scenes in the food industry. Nick recollects with a wry smile the questioning looks and polite “it’s different” comments from a largely uninformed public, even though there was a lot of “it’s about time someone produced decent bread.”

Since those early days little has changed at La Tartine, except the wood-fired oven has been replaced with a brick floored gas oven. It’s still a small family business comprising Nick, Lottie, Nick’s brother Mark, and bakers Jan and Simon, and the two little non-English speaking girls, who are now grown up and are reluctantly coerced from their beds at 3 am on a Saturday morning to help their Mum at the markets.

Organigrow is set on 70 acres of prime agricultural land at Monaltrie (also known as Gundurimba) located about 7kms from the Lismore CBD. Lismore is in Northern NSW, near the towns of Byron Bay, Casino and Ballina, known for being a lush fertile region. Our farm abounds with animals such as echidnas, koalas and swamp wallabies who happily share their land with us. There is also an abundance of birdlife, with finches and wrens enjoying the cover of thick bushes and undergrowth
Our farm is a certified organic farm (our certifications below), producing mixed fruit and vegetables. For a number of years, our produce has been sold to wholesale and retail markets and shops, both locally and interstate. Our farm has a reputation for its quality and variety of organic produce, which forms part of the supply to this region.
Our farm is owned by two generations of the Cripps Clark family. Simon Cripps Clark (owner/ manager), holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science Degree. The decision to go into egg production (mid 2008) was carefully considered and put together by Simon using the latest scientific data and organic principles and Organigrow - Certified Organic Free Range Eggs was born.

Our egg enterprise is an integral part of the organic food production process on our farm. The manure from the chickens, rapidly buried by dung beetles, enriches the soil and in turn increases pasture and crop growth. The chickens graze beneath existing fruit and cabinet timber trees, which in turn shade and shelters the chickens. Manure from the poultry - feeds the trees and increases their growth. When a crop is grown, our hens are allowed to graze the pasture, and they weed off the cropping area entirely! Therefore minimal or zero till cultivation is used to establish the crop in the prepared soil.

Our family loves the land we live on and our aim as farmers has always, and will always be, to work with the land and be organic in every sense of the word extended to every aspect of our farm life and production. We treat our hens with respect, giving them conditions which they love, with access to a diverse and interesting environment free from predators and with plenty of ‘green peck’ in an idyllic foraging environment.


Based between the pristine Fleurieu Peninsula and beautiful Adelaide Hills of South Australia, B.-d. Farm Paris Creek is one of Australia’s finest producers of award winning dairy products.
Our range of white milks, flavored milks, yogurts, quarks, butter and handcrafted French style soft and European style hard cheeses are made from the highest quality, premium, biodynamic-organic milk. At every stage of production, we avoid the use of artificial ingredients such as colors, flavors, stabilizers and anything that would interfere with the quality of our products, we minimize “unnecessary” production processes such as homogenization or UH treatment and we aim to provide the best possible health benefits for our organic-conscious consumers. B.-d. Farm Paris Creek’s point of difference starts in the soil, continuing with the pasture , the herd management, and excels in our processing method. There is nothing artificial on our land, with our herd, or in our products. On our biodynamic organic farm there are no fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and GMO’s used and no antibiotics or hormones are administered to our herds. Owning a totally biodynamic farm has been a life-time dream of both Ulli and Helmut Spranz, and they were both well qualified to follow that dream.