This Christmas, DIY Christmas Gifts to reclaim your health🌲🌲

by Organics2you

It is that time of the year where giving a gift can either make you feel good or feel like a burden! It’s a great time of the year to think become more mindful and perhaps instead of participating in mindless consumerism, we use a little more thought to give a gift made with love. 

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Gather Round The Kitchen Table And Give Thanks!

by Organics2you

Giving thanks and being grateful,

Do you as a family every meal give thanks in prayer before eating?
Before my eyelids close for the night, I consciously give thanks for all that I have experienced throughout the day, the highs, the lows, the triumphs and the battles. I seem to go straight into deep slumber after this and feel the weight of the day removed.

However, I was reading an article the other day about giving thanks to the food that we eat. How holding hands and consciously giving thanks for the food that graces the table, the health we are blessed with and the roof that shelters us. Being in the moment to be fully aware surely affects the frequency and the way we feel and the way our body digests it's food.

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