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Hey organic groover,
Well, you may or may not have noticed we have had a slight sabbatical from our weekly newsletters, this is because we have been madly creating some wonderful new projects to bring to our wonderful Organics2you community. Very shortly we will be saying ciao to our much loved old website and welcoming a new and improved platform. Now at first glance, you might say, mmmm it hasn't changed much,  we have kept the same skin, we have refined and cleaned up the space, we think it's much clearer and user friendly keeping you informed of whats new, you also get a chance to see whats happening on our Facebook and Instagram pages. With the links you can now share recipes and any of our blogs direct to your pages with ease when you are needing ideas at meal times. We hope that this will help you out and keep giving you new ideas to feed your families and loved ones loads of healthy dinners, desserts and healthy options. 

Now, because we have taken a completely new platform, for security reasons you will have to log on and register once more on the new site, this will be a one time only registration on the new platform. If you happen to forget your password simply follow the prompts to have a new one sent to you. This will is a computer generated password for security purposes. 

With the new platform there are quiet a few new options and functions available. Payment options now will be Paypal, eWay, Cash on delivery or Direct Deposit.

Along with some of the new changes, we have now got the technology on the new site that we are now fully mobile and tablet responsive. What's this I hear you say quietly in the background, well you are now able to place orders easily on your mobile and tablet device, with ease. yay, so now you can do those orders anywhere, anytime on your phone/tablet.

Like anything new if you do experience any trouble please contact us and we will sort it out as soon as possible, the site has been put through some rigorous tests so we hope there won't be any problems.

We really hope that the site makes life easier for you when placing your order and welcome any feedback.

Please ensure to use your mobile number when registering to take advantage of our Friday night specials for Mondays delivery, you never know what will be gifted for an early bird order!

We have so much more exciting news to share with you, so keep an eye out for further emails.

Peace, love and Organic Goodness to your doorsteps and into your homes :)

Amanda and the team

This Christmas, DIY Christmas Gifts to reclaim your health🌲🌲

It is that time of the year where giving a gift can either make you feel good or feel like a burden! It’s a great time of the year to think become more mindful and perhaps instead of participating in mindless consumerism, we use a little more thought to give a gift made with love. 

We’ve got some simple, but beautiful gifts for you to make yourself for someone special. The great thing is they take hardly any time, the cost is little and they will make someone very happy!


We all have that one friend that is a stress-head. Why not help them relax this holiday season by forcing them to soak their body in a mix of your stress-relieving bath salts. Trust us, they will thank you after! 


  • 4 cups epsom salts
  • A few sprigs of fresh lavender 
  • 10 drops lavender essential oils 


  1. Mix all ingredients together and store in small jars. 
  2. These will last for months, making a great gift for someone you know is a little stressed out. 


Gather Round The Kitchen Table And Give Thanks!

Giving thanks and being grateful,

Do you as a family every meal give thanks in prayer before eating?
Before my eyelids close for the night, I consciously give thanks for all that I have experienced throughout the day, the highs, the lows, the triumphs and the battles. I seem to go straight into deep slumber after this and feel the weight of the day removed.

However, I was reading an article the other day about giving thanks to the food that we eat. How holding hands and consciously giving thanks for the food that graces the table, the health we are blessed with and the roof that shelters us. Being in the moment to be fully aware surely affects the frequency and the way we feel and the way our body digests it's food.

It does not need to be religious, but what it is, is being conscious and in the moment and by giving thanks and appreciating the value of nature, the human effort that went into creating the food that you eat, it creates a whole new experience.  

The words just need to be from the heart.

Try it for yourself, see what effect it has on your dining , even if you are eating alone.

This week I would like to send a heart felt THANK YOU out to all you wonderful customers within our Organics2you community. With out your continued support this little business would not be operating. So again, Thank you X

Our operating days leading up to Christmas and the New Year will be as follows.

14th Dec  -  21st Dec - 4th Jan - 11th Jan

If there is any disruptions to the service we will notify you of them.

Here's to another lovely week,
Lots of Love and Abundance 

Amanda and The Organics2you team.
Be Healthy and Natural.
Do Fresh and Organic.
Have Abundance and Life.

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