Business For Good-B1G1

At Organics2you we are all about FOOD, where is comes, how it was loved and cared for. We are lucky enough to be able to have food at our finger tips when ever, where ever we wish to have it, unfortunately there are so many countries that do not have the privelegdes that we do.

Organics2you have partnered up with Business for Good.  "A simple idea sharing the joy of giving" B1G1 - Buy1 Give1.

It is our commitment to help and give back to help those less fortunate then us. 

Our promise is to donate $1 from every box each week to the charities that we have chosen..

Sewing Machines for women in Bangledesh

Provide sewing machine for women in Bangladesh for a month so that they can start a home business. Women in Bangladesh need help to buy their own treadle sewing machine. As part of our community development program in Bangladesh which centres around primary school education for children from the slums, we provide sewing machines for women each year (many of whom are the mothers of the school children) so that they can start a home business. Treadle machines are preferred as the electricity is unreliable.

This Progect is managed by GLOBAL CONCERN


Save 1 Square metre of RAINFOREST

Protect the unique biodiversity values of the Daintree Rainforest, the oldest rainforest in the world and an important site of international conservation, by saving 1 square metre of the rainforest. While most of the Daintree Rainforest was declared a World heritage Area in 1988, areas of the Daintree Lowland Rainforest were not included and were subsequently divided into rural residential lots. Rainforest Rescue is on a mission to redeem approximately 180 rainforest properties with high conservation status to reduce the amount of fragmentation of the rainforest. 

This project is managed by RAINFOREST RESCUE


Provide a School Meal Delivery Van

Help drive out issues of classroom hunger & malnutrition by covering one day's costs of leasing a van that delivers meals to over 2000 children a day. The provision of free nourishing meals encourages impoverished parents to enrol their children into local schools, incentivizes children to attend school regularly and helps them concentrate better with their studies. 

This project is managed by ISKCON


Plant a Tree in North Sumatra

Ensure the survival of Orangutans that are found only on the islands of Borneo and Sumatra by planting one tree in North Sumatra. These animals are threatened by illegal logging and the establishment of oil palm plantations that displaces them from their natural habitat. Your support will help to restore and establish critical habitats and improve the surrounding forests. 

This project is managed by Rainforest Rescue


Educate a child in Bali

Make a priceless contribution and sponsor the education fees of one child for one month. Every child should be entitled to the basic privilege of a proper education but are often unable to attend school because their parents cannot afford the cost of schooling. By providing for basic educational needs such as a set of uniform, books, and other study materials, parents will be encouraged to enroll their children into schools and offer them a brighter future. 

This project is managed by The John Fawcett Foundation

Provide a learning Hub

Help a young person living in a remote indigenous community to develop IT and English literacy skills by providing a safe space for one day, for enhanced learning and capacity building. The provision of a hub for community engagement helps its members to overcome barriers of learning and develops the ability of individuals to participate in the social and working life of the community. 

This project is managed by : Dot Com Mob


Buy bricks for building schools

Buy 100 bricks to build a school and help motivate a hundred middle school students to stay in school a little longer for a brighter future. The benefit? Each year of school can increase a child’s eventual income by 10%. Bricks and building materials are a good place to start in rural schools that have very low resources. 

This project is managed by : This Life Cambodia